Friday, June 08, 2007

The Origins of Some Selected Creations Part II:

Again with the stories....
As I mentioned before, I love, love, love handmade crafty stuff (art with a function) and believe it can also be very personal. I think it is important to wear/showcase/appreciate objects that have meaning, history, stories, or convey ideas (or ideals). So, in what may be come a sort of recurring theme, I would like to share a few more of the stories behind some of my favorite PinkBird Creations.

First, I should start with an item that is pretty important. It is a one of a kind and was part (one of two necklaces) of the very first PinkBird Creations order. This awesome re-done vintage necklace was basically the first piece I sold after opening the web-shop. (The order was also placed by one of my most rad friends, Sylvie).

The other necklace Sylvie bought for the first-ever order was this one that features a worry stone pendant focal point. The best part about this nature-inspired, one of a kind piece was that I had gotten that worry stone years and years ago when I was a child.

Next, in my last post of this nature, I spoke of my wonderful paternal Grandmother. Well, here I will mention another wonderful woman, my maternal Grandmother. This Grandma was a crafter herself. She made everything too. She was a jack-of-all-trades. She took us to little independent toy stores and let us pick out anything we wanted. The following pieces were all made with (vintage) beads that belonged to her:

This next pair of earrings called simply, "X-Ray Earrings," are one of my favorites. The picture actually doesn't do them justice. There is something so, well, almost elegant about them, and the fact that they are this odd chest x-ray charm sort of throws that off. I also love the blue Czech glass beads which I had originally bought (from a bead shop in Honolulu) for a project I never finished.

My birthday is April 6th (I'm an Aries). For this last special day I made myself a necklace and earring set using bright yellow beads. I love the earrings I made so much that I made one very similar pair. Each pair is still one of a kind since, though they are similar, they are not identical, which is pretty cool. I call them "Special Lemon Drop Earrings" because I made the original pair for my own "special day!"
When I was a kid I did all kinds of crafty projects. Most of the time these creative little gems where created during the summer with my mom and sister in our backyard. But, even on days we weren't outside getting crafty, we were indoors doing projects. I used to love making colorful coasters with those fun fusible plastic bead sets. So, what better homage to the art of making coasters that tiny "coaster" earrings?

These earrings to the right are my Green Tea Earrings. They consist of small Aventurine gemstones hanging from silver teapots and green glass beads. I drink (at least 2 cups of) Green Tea everyday. Seriously. Enough said.

These Cherry Chain earrings are made with lovely cube-shaped cherry quartz gemstones that I bought in the cutest little bead shop in Kona, on the Big Island, Hawaii. I have used these beads in a few different pieces, but had originally bought them to use in a earrings and necklace set I made for my sister.
Also at that cute little bead shop in Kona I bough the beautiful fossilized coral drop pendant that is featured in the necklace to the left.

Next, I really like the look and feel of Mahjong tile game pieces. I knew I wanted to make jewelry out of them, the only problem was that I could only find tiles that were made from animal bones which, personally, kind of weirds me out. So, when I finally found plastic tiles I went crazy with them. They are so fun and colorful.

And, finally for this installment of the "secret lives of PinkBird Creations," I'll tell you about this piece even though it is sold. When we lived in (a small town in) Germany we would buy Kinder Surprise Eggs all the time. Kinder Eggs are a fun and delicious candy treat--a milk and white chocolate layered egg with a special toy inside (the toys were very collectible and often something you had to put together). Apparently you can't buy Kinder Eggs in the US (and, if you can, please, please, tell me where!!). Anyway, I made this fun necklace from a car--that I had to build--that I got from a Kinder Egg.

So, as easy as it may be to walk into any cheap-o chain store and buy some mass- produced-trend-of-the-moment item please remember that original and one of a kind creations (be they mine or some other talented artist's) give you something to be proud of. Something to talk about. Something to connect to. It's a wonderful feeling to support lesser-known artists. It's a wonderful feeling to know the story behind what you own. It's a wonderful feeling to be know that name of the person who created the jewelry you're wearing, the pants you just threw on the floor, or the lip balm at the bottom of your purse. I hope you can say that about at least a few things that you own.