Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Going Postal:

I have said it before, and I will say it again...I'm a nerd for Postal Services. Yes, not just the US Postal Service, but all of 'em! I don't really collect stamps or anything (though I do always ask them to show me all the stamps they have before I buy them, because I like to have nice stamps, even if they are just going on bills).
There is just something about being able to drop a little note into a special box and a few days later it's on the other side of the country or the world. I'm also curious as to how all of this "magically" happens, though maybe it's quite boring, which would be really disappointing.

When I first moved to the DC area, one of the first places my "DC-native" friend promised to take me was the National Postal Museum--sadly, that hasn't become a reality...yet. (Though I did go to The Post and Communications Museum in Frankfurt, Germany). I'm sure they could show me what's up with the US Postal Service or tell me all about the artists who are commissioned to design postage stamps.

The Postal Service is so easy to take for granted. Unless stamps are going up (which, by the way, the USPS doesn't receive tax dollars for operations, so stamps inevitably have to go up) or something got lost, no one really even talks about it. People generally aren't surprised or impressed when they have real, paper mail sitting in their mailbox. Why not? I don't think most people even think about how the whole thing functions. (Then, I guess the same thing could be said for waste or water services, which I don't find nearly as fascinating, but then they don't have pretty little stamps to put on things!)

Now, don' t get me wrong, I have definitely been burned by the USPS, like the time when I lived in Honolulu and my friend in Chicago mailed me the bridesmaids dress I was to wear in her wedding. That never came. All the people at the Post Office knew my name during the whole ordeal and they were super nice. At least my friend had an extra dress because the original one never arrived.

Or the time I mailed out an PinkBird order and recieved it back, months later like this:

It happens, I guess. And, sure I was upset, but what could I do. C'est la vie!

Well, after all this, I think it goes without saying that I do save stamps (as opposed to collect) because I like to collage things like jewelry boxes or frames with canceled stamps:

Want interesting Postal Facts? Check out the list on the USPS's website here