Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meet me in St. Louis...

....Well, not really. PinkBird Creations will just have some promo items in Swag Bags at the next St. Louis Craft Mafia event.

Today (while listening to Feist's album, "The Reminder"--so good!) I got all kinds of PinkBird goodies packed up for the St. Louis Craft Mafia's summer trunk show, Crafta Nostra. They will be handing out about 500 swag bags at the show, in which you will find treats from yours truly!

I'm actually pretty excited about getting to be a part of it. In case you don't know, I went to the University of Missouri-Columbia so I spent a little time in St. Louis (though, being from Chicago I think I am supposed to participate in the CHI vs. STL rivalry that goes on, but really...). Anyway, having spent fun times in Missouri and having friends that still live there, I feel a bit of a connection to the place. Plus, any event like this that helps out indie artists and handmade goodness gets my vote!

(I've actually donated items to quite a few Indie Craft Fairs if you really want to know a few of them, you can see my "As Seen In" page).

So, if you're in the St. Louis area, come out August 18th to shop the wares of indie designers. Not only will you be supporting local organizations, grassroots arts, and indie artists, you can get free stuff, listen to a DJ spin, have a drink, and an all around good time!