Tuesday, July 22, 2008

PinkBird's Picture: Musical Celebration in Tagmout, Morocco (2)

The whole scene is forever etched in my mind: the magical musical celebration we were invited to attend in Tagmout, Morocco, a lush Berber village in the mountains. Being a guest for this private traditional Ahouach musical festival was probably both the most extraordinary and most humbling celebration I have ever been fortunate enough to attend. Berber village men wore beautiful royal blue ensembles, the smell of mint tea, Moroccan sweets, and cigarettes drifted through the heavy desert air, while the veiled women sitting upstairs watched the whole gala from above. Skinny cats lounged in the shade beneath the table where I sat tapping my feet to the rhythm of the drums. The music was hypnotizing. The aura was magical. The experience and the feeling live inside of me still.