Sunday, August 26, 2007

Should Have Let Me Drive (SylvieKB)

I am lucky enough to have a fabulous artist friend named Sylvie. I have always known her as quite the wonderful, creative painter, but lately she has been dabbling in various digital media down there at the University of Texas in Austin. Sylvie has always been a great PinkBird helper and promoter, encouraging
me not just because she is an awesome friend but because she really believes in making your own path and being true to your dreams. She's only been working with digital media for a short time and can only get better.I know she is an artist--I think I knew before she did. And, I am so happy that she has realized her Personal Legend and embraced it. Even though I'd like to keep her all to myself, she's too good not to share.

With that said, I really want to show this cute and amazing animated video that Sylvie made.