Saturday, August 11, 2007

Welcome to the (2 years ago) Future, PinkBird.

I think I was the last person on earth (or at least in my group of friends and family--yes, my parents had mobile's before we did) to get a cell phone...I resisted, and resisted until about 3 years ago when I got my first cell phone. It was a Nokia and it had a clear case so you could add your own paper or whatever to give it personality. So I did. All excited (and a bit embarrassed) about my new phone, I put some pretty origami paper in it and got a cool (polyphonic) ring tone...the theme song from the movie "Life Aquatic." And, well, that's how my cell phone stayed (plus a few srcatches here and there) until about 2 weeks ago when my husband decided we needed new phones. (Was it that our phones where begining to look obviously outdated? And not in that cool, ironic, Zack Morris kinda way, but in a our friends were like, "I had that phone in High Shcool," kinda way? Or, was it that the Nomad's we met in the Moroccan desert had a cell phone they charged with a small solar panel? Who knows....)

So, always hip with the times we got Razrs (of course, it didn't hurt that they were free with our calling plan). Yup. And, since I think the whole pink Razr thing has become a bit cliche (sorry, Mom) I got a blue one. I was a bit disappointed by the color when it arrived! It's a really dark navy blue--not pretty like in the picture on the you can see in my pictures. So, consider this a warning if you want the pretty blue's business suit boring if you ask me. Maybe silver or black (which is what the husband got) is the way to go. But, at least it has mp3 capabilities so I can have a better ring tone (the Flight of the Conchords theme song) for the next few years until I get my next new "old" phone.