Saturday, December 01, 2007

PinkBird's Picture: Coventry, Vermont

Getting there is Half the Fun or the journey is the destination:
The final shows of the band Phish were a bittersweet weekend music and camping festival: while I got to see my favorite band, it was for the last time. Two days before the show we were 20 miles from the venue when traffic stopped. I photographed the traffic behind us, that backed up for miles, while we waited over 24 hours in concert traffic only to move about 8 miles. We became friends with the people in cars around us; played Frisbee in the rain while waiting for traffic to move. Finally, a radio announcement said that due to rain, cars were forbidden in the festival area. We had come too far to turn back. So, we found a parking place on the roadside, packed our necessary camping gear, and walked the remaining 10 miles into the concert venue. Despite it all, we had an incredible weekend in Coventry, Vermont.

Happy December--news about the art gallery show coming soon!

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