Sunday, September 23, 2007

STS9 in B'more:

We saw a super hot Sound Tribe Sector 9 show last night at Baltimore's Sonar club. And, when I say "hot" I mean sweat was everywhere...and there were more than a couple of sweaty shirtless guys just splashing it around. Yum. Aside from that, it rocked. (Need proof? See the set list below!) I danced like crazy, even with my injured foot (that's another story with a few nasty details).

Here are a few pictures from the show: (The first one was taken with my actual camera, and the others were with my cell phone camera).

Set list, (as best as I can figure): (from
Set I: The Rabble, Inspire Strikes Back, Trinoc>Vibyl, F. Word, Abcees, Ramone & Emiglio
Set II: Twilight, Tooth, Aimlessly, Re-emergence, GLOgli, From Now On, Moon Socket, Instantly
Encore: Roygbiv, This Us

Now, on a totally random note, I'd never been to Sonar before, but they have the best bathropom signs/lights I've ever seen....(this picture also taken with my cell phone, so it's hard to make out): Basically, it's one of those paper lantern lights with what seem like stencils of the traditional male/female restroom sign people on them. Since the lights hang from the ceiling, you can spot the bathroom from across the room. So classy!