Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Know More Than I Knew Before

As you may or may not know, I have been trying to take a real, college level art class for years...though this never occurred to me in college. Because I was too scared, or too busy, or too intimidated. Whatever the reason it never worked out.

The last year that I lived in Hawaii I finally registered for Art 101 at Honolulu Community College. I got the mandatory TB test and everything. But, still didn't manage to work it all out so I didn't go.

Here I am, two years later living in Maryland. There are many days I miss Hawaii and am unhappy here. But, then I must remind myself of the bigger and better things the Universe has in store for me. I realized this a few weeks ago when I had an art assignment mishap.

See, we had this assignment involving color values and space and links and knots. I had my paper ready to go. I used the sunshine through my window as a light table to trace my design. It was wonderful, beautiful. Then, the paper ripped.

So, I had to make a 9 am run to the art supply store to buy more Bristol paper so that I could start over. I was not happy at all. I pulled into the vacant parking lot and practically ran to the store. I noticed a women walking in circles around her car. I overheard her say that she'd locked her keys in her car. Just at that moment a police officer drove by. She waved frantically to get his attention but he just kept driving. So, since I was about to cross in front of him, I waved both arms and jumped up and down. He slowed to a stop and I just pointed to the women and kept walking. In the store I found what I needed, paid, and left. As I walked out, I saw the locked-out-of-her-car woman and the cop opening her car door.

Hmmm. A million thoughts ran through my head. Had I not been in this art class, had my paper not ripped, had I not had to go to the art supply store so early I would not have been there to flag the police officer who helped this woman get into her car. Hmmm. The Universe works in such interesting ways. It may not have been a matter of life or death. But it was still a matter.

Then, as I drove home listening to the radio (the awesome NPR affiliate out of Towson, Baltimore, 89.7) a show called World Cafe was on with Feist as a guest. She closed out the interview with an amazing live version of "I Feel it All," a song I've been known to blast and belt out in my car. In it she sings, "I know more than I knew before..." And, yes, I do.

Perhaps this is why it has taken me this long to get where I am. It is at this point on my path that most of the stones have been set. This was always supposed to be the time and place that I made it to. I know more now. Which only brought me back to why I was there in the first place. Because my paper ripped. Because I am taking an art class. Because I have never found a better time to take an art class. Because this is life and this is how it works.