Saturday, October 27, 2007

I'm Going to be in an Art Gallery Show!

Well, friends...I got some big news the other night in my art class. My art teacher selected me and my self-portrait (a value-scale painting) to be in my college's student art exhibition. Woohoo!!! She only gets to select a few people, so I feel...well, not just special, but I feel acknowledged (and validated?). My hard work has paid off. The show begins November 29th (and if you're in the DC/Baltimore area and would like to come, please contact me and let me know...I'd love the company!). There will be a reception and awards and everything.

I have been to a few art gallery openings and receptions...but I've never actually been in one (as someone else's signed picture of you dressed up as your alter ego doesn't really count). I'm very, for this excited part...there's a little piece of my "grown-up, rational, responsible" mind that thinks, "this is just Art 101," or "you're only in a student art show," or "It's not some big art museum." This part of me makes me sad. I know it's only trying to keep me grounded, to keep my head from getting big. But, what gives!? Things have changed though. This voice is tiny...and it's shrinking....

The other part of me is ecstatic! Here I am, 28 years old, with a degree, and finally going to school for something I am sincerely interested in and doing well at it. Dare I say, I'm succeeding?! It actually took me awhile to feel comfortable enough with myself to admit that I am doing well. When I started I was a wreck. I was nervous and eager to prove myself to myself and anyone who doubted I could really be an "artist." (And, were there even doubters, aside from perhaps myself?)

This painting took me forever...well, not really. It was assigned on a Wednesday, and I finished it the following Tuesday, the day before it was due. Basically, all I did for a week straight was work on this painting. I started it in class. I brought it to work to do on my lunch break. I sat at my "studio" (kitchen) table for 72 hours straight. Almost. I am very thankful that my hard work has paid off.

This class was a huge step for me in following my dream, my Personal Legend. Doing well is as surprising as it isn't surprising. Being invited (or selected) to be in this show is simply the sprinkles on the cupcake.. My Path has finally caught up with me, and I with it. Some days I think I can actually feel the Universe unfolding. Thank you.