Sunday, October 21, 2007

Jennifer's 30 years on Earth:

My lovely friend Jennifer turned 30 a few weeks ago (ok, so time is flying and it's more like 2 months ago!). Anyway, she posted the following blog about all the things she now knows after living this life for the last 30 years. I really liked what she wrote so I wanted to share it with all of you. First, let me tell you that Jennifer has a kind and strong soul. She has lived a very interesting life, about which she not only has great stories, but can tell great stories. She is also a (professional) dancer, and no, not the dirty kind. She is currently in Grad School at the University of Hawaii pursuing her dream of dance (Ballet, Modern, etc). Here are her thoughts on Turning 30:

"So I've been contemplating my life over the past week...thinking about what turning 30 really means to me. It's looked at as such a monumental age....old enough to know better but not old enough to be claimed as a true wise one. Two years ago the idea of turning 30 was ridiculous and a bit strange with a frightening twist but over the past year everything has changed. Age is irrelevant. 30 is just a number that counts the years of your's what you do with those years that count. And through heavy thought, this is what I've accepted with this new friend called 30.

By 30 I will know that....
*I don't want to survive without my friends and family.
*Money is nice but it's not everything.
*I will never be able to do 4 piourette turns but I can do a good double and be satisfied with it.
*I will always find good times in getting dressed up in various costume items while sipping wine and listening to fantastic music until 3am
*There is nothing wrong with silence between two people.
*I don't have to keep in constant touch with someone to remain close in their heart and likewise
*God is my friend and not this powerhouse that is keeping a sin tally board above my head every time i wake up
*Expectations will get me in trouble every time
*I'm harder on people than I have a right to be
*I'm even harder on myself than I should be
*I cannot live without music
*It's ok to question religion
*Forgiveness saved one of the most precious friendships that I will ever know
*Death brings pain and it's ok to feel pain
*I am not the same scared little girl that used to mask her life behind drugs and dysfunctional circumstances and I should be proud of that
*It's ok to not know what the word 'ambiguous' means and to announce that out loud in front of your peers
*I can take a health condition that tests my sense of mortality and use it to my advantage
*I have found my second love....Bikram Yoga
*The radio has gone downhill as far as good music is concerned
*It's ok to not finish a book...ever
*Tori Amos is still the most influential artist in my life
*Gossip hurts and I'm working on that
*You aren't perfect and neither am I
*I don't care for fact, they're completely boring to me
*I am terrified of the ocean
*I could be a mother
*I have the most incredible husband
*I don't have to have just one best friend in my life...I can have 7
*I will probably never get rid of my phobia for roaches and it's ok
*Dance changed my life
*The world is small so I travel frequently
*What happened in high school is insignificant and I shouldn't hold a bitter pill in my mouth about it
*I have accepted the idea of not knowing where I'll be in the next 5 years...and it's exciting
*I almost want a tattoo
*I have the best group of friends in the world....they are constantly contributing to this person that I am today and I am grateful
*Shutting my mouth and listening is getting easier
*Life really is short and I am reminded of that more often than I try to live it to the fullest..and I'm not just saying that....Etc Etc Etc

This could really go on forever. You get the picture.

It really is wonderful in my world these days. I'm not bragging but just sharing. Breathe. Forgive. Open your eyes. Don't be scared to take chances. Listen. Have faith in yourself and OTHERS. Relax. Do something....anything, that makes your happy. It's taken me 30 years to get to this point and it was HELL. But with the help of my loved ones, I am exactly where I should be in life. My 20s were the years of blindfolded hell...weeding out the bugs that I carried with me in my life. So oh yea, I'm more than ready for what is next. I am nowhere near knowing it all but I do know that I have enough tools in my pocket to get me through the next 10 years.

Blessings and loves...Jennifer"

I really love Jennifer's is very personal, but also so universal that a lot of us can relate. So, thanks Jennifer! You're amazing.