Friday, October 26, 2007

The Origins of Some Selected Creations Part IV:

Hello, friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared with you some of the stories behind the jewelry that I create…which makes me a little sad because I love to know and to tell the stories behind the things I wear…so, here goes:

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love postal services. I save canceled stamps. Yes, it sounds super nerdy….but, I also made these rad (yes, I used the word “rad” too!) frames by collage-ing and sealing actual stamps onto them.

I adore these next earrings, and would keep them for myself if I ever really wore gold…These are the Vintage Holiday Tree Earrings. The trees (and chain for that matter) once belonged to my maternal grandmother. They are both vintage and really beautiful. There is something both classy and kitschy about these earrings.

I had the bits and pieces of this necklace just lying around for a really long time. Then, back in May we went to Jam on the River in Philly and I saw a girl wearing a necklace that had lots of chunky beads surrounded by smaller beads. In the center of her necklace hung a giant pendant. As soon as I got home, Viola! I had to make this necklace. I love the balance of small and large, chunky and smooth here. It all seems so natural.

Next are these really simple, really pretty coral red earrings. I bought a fantastic strand of these beads from an interesting shop in the middle of nowhere in southern Illinois. I was on a roadtrip--by myself--and saw this kitschy shop (it had a tee-pee and a giant buffalo out in front of it). I had to stop. It was almost magical inside.

And, finally for this (very short) edition of "Origins," I will leave you with these earrings, made from colorful guitar picks, because they are so awesomely cute!