Saturday, October 13, 2007

Still Here.

I have not slipped off the Earth (though some days that sounds pretty good...) I have been quite busy. I spent most of last week (and all weekend) doing this painting:

So, aside from the fact that art supplies are so expensive, after doing this painting, I now have a better understanding of the cliche, "starving artist." When you are working on a big project with a deadline, who has time to eat?! And, because I am a little nerdy, I took a picture in class before our you can see the photo I used to paint this portrait.

In previous posts when I spoke of "jumping in" and following my Personal Legend, I was referring to creating/pursuing art. I think the hardest part about all of it was the fear that I would fail (and yet, on the other hand, if I did, the consolation that at least I tried). Now that I have been doing a few different pieces I am less afraid of failing. Even when I am stumped, or think, "I can't do this," or even have tears over a project (yes, I have had tears over basic Art 101-type assignments) I feel something pushing me to keep going. It all seems so much more possible than it did months ago. Maybe because I am actually in the water now, and swimming (more than just keeping my head above water), rather than just waiting to "jump in."