Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lesson Learned:

Cats and painting do not always mix:

Blu, (one of our cats) jumped on the painting just as I had started. It was irreversible...so I had to begin again: cut the paper, sketch the umbrellas, etc. I'm not thrilled with the colors, but C'est La Vie. Please, forget all the cliches about rain and raindrops and umbrellas...perhaps like Rene Magritte I should say, "ce ne sont pas des parapluies.*" Which is another discussion (and another "art issue" I've been having). Anyway, as for the painting, it now looks something like this (and, it only looks wonky because the paint made my Bristol paper curl):

Listening to: Sound Tribe Sector 9, Unquestionable Supremacy of Nature from May 27, 2007, Penn's Landing, Philadelphia, which you can hear here.

*They are not umbrellas.