Sunday, November 25, 2007

Make Holiday Ornaments: Tutorial

It's that time of year when you may feel like doing some holiday crafting--I know I am feeling it. And, for the last few years I have been making different ornaments for my tree. Here are the ones I've made this year...they are swirly and pretty.

You will need:

-glass (or plastic) ornaments that are empty inside and have removable caps
-paint: glass, tempera, acrylic, whatever (but at least 2 colors)
-glitter, glittery paint (optional)

First, take an ornament (for these I used round, flat glass ornaments that I bought at a craft store) and remove the cap.

Next, pick your colors and begin pouring (I squirted the paint right from the bottle) it into the ornament

Then, add the next color. I usually drip the colors along the inside of the ornament.

When you have a good amount of paint inside, cover the hole (I just used my thumb) and slowly begin to swirl, roll, and shake the ornament. (It is very important to cover the opening, or you will have paint all over!) If you want to add glitter, now is a god time to do so.

You may need to add more paint (and if you have too much, just pour it out). When your ornament looks the way you like it, leave it to dry. This may take a while (a day, maybe) depending on how much paint you've used. If you find that the paint has all settled in one spot, that's ok, just add more and let this dry.

Then, in a day or 2 when all the paint has dried, you'll have some lovely swirly ornaments!
And, as you can see from this picture, these are not completely done...when you finish, you can glue the ornament cap on, and there you go! Perhaps when I have all of mine (yes, I made about 8 different ones) on my tree I will photograph them and post them.

This is a bit of an abbreveated tutorial, since this is a fairly simple project...all you need is a bit of paint and a nod in the right direction.

Until then, happy crafting! And, as usual, please share with me any finished projects!