Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Melodies Pure and True:

So, aside from the news that my work gets to be in an art gallery show, I haven't really mentioned much about my Art class for awhile. This may because the last 2 works I did were nice and all...but I just wasn't really feelin' them.

But, my last assignment, which of course had me running to the art supply store a 1/2 hour before they closed on a Saturday night (and it was surprisingly crowded, what's up with that?!) really got my gears moving...First, I should say that this was a collage project. We got to make all kinds of fun different paper, using wallpaper paste, paint, and liquid starch. I was super excited to get to do something that I felt was more on my "page" so to speak.

What's more, is that we had to choose a text (song/poem/story) to "illustrate" with our collage. I decided on Bob Marley's "Three Little Birds." (You can read the lyrics here).

When I sat down to actually do the project though I was still feeling trapped by the guidelines (and, perhaps the pressure of a grade. uh!). What I really wanted to do was to create something messy, something organic with no straight lines. I wanted to use brown-paper-bags, and glue and sequins and mix black sand into muted gold paint. I think I was too afraid to do this type of thing for my class though. Why? (ah..another blog for another time...). In an attempt to get these creative urges out of my system, I found a small canvas that I bought in a grab-bag of art supplies at a thrift store years ago and made this:

This picture actually makes it look "nicer" and "cleaner" than it is, which is weird. I used chopsticks for the branch, and they are roughly painted brown. There is also a beaded trim around it, which I used vintage metallic red seed beads for. The blue background paper is covered with inked black spirograph drawings, layered on top of a crinkled up brown paper bag that I painted goldish. The yellow and orange birds are done with bulletin board paper and the pink bird is liquid watercolor paint. It's not done yet though. Who knows if it ever will be.

Anyway, creating that didn't really help too much...but in the end I came up with this for my Art class (please excuse the photo):I used paste-paper, watercolor paint and liquid starch paper, sponge painted paper, scrap paper, and just a hint of silver paint. And, after 2 attempts at this collage, I think I like it...or, at least I like it enough to share.

"this is my message to you...don't worry about a thing, 'cause every little thing, is gonna be all right...."

Create a lovely day,