Sunday, December 09, 2007

More Art:

It's been a busy few weeks for me in terms of Art...the gallery opening was lovely, and my painting is one of a number of works chosen for my school's website as a preview of the student art invitational show.

I am surprised for some reason at all the good things that seem to be coming out of my choice to finally take an art class. I feel like I am succeeding. I did not fall or sink. I jumped in and am living it. I'm floating purposefully and intentionally. It's a really good feeling.

Also, my art teacher chose 3 of my works for a display case in the art department. Here is just a sample of that:

When I signed up for my first art class a few months ago I was soooo nervous. I'm not afraid to admit that. I was so afraid of not doing well. I was afraid I was more passion than talent. But, what I have learned in these last few weeks, is that I can do it. It may be Art 101, but there is potential there. And, I believe there was nothing accidental about me taking an art class now. This was the best, most perfect time for me to "officially" begin this part of my artistic life. This is the time that I am best suited to listening to the universe and to connecting with the creativity that is inside of me. I have relearned some of the most basic life-lessons in these past few months: 1. Be yourself. 2. Do the best you can/try your hardest. 3. Be honest with yourself and others. 4. Never, ever give up.