Sunday, January 27, 2008

Beginning Again...

I once discovered that there are things about myself; ideas I hold about myself that I'd been lugging around with me forever that really have nothing to do with me now. And, really, maybe they never had anything to do with me.

Years back, my friend Jennifer (who is way awesome and living a life she loves) mentioned that since she'd met me, my self-confidence had grown. I think that perhaps this is because I had an awesome support system...people who were/are like, "good work!" "you can do it!" and actually believe I can. Not only that, but it is their belief that has helped me to believe, to realize that (as the saying goes) perhaps I was more afraid of what I could do that what I could not do.

So, I am taking my very first drawing class this semester, which begins tomorrow...I'm really nervous. But, as I have wonderful people supporting me and not to sound too corny) I believe in myself; I'm sure it'll be fine, and I will try to post some of my works here, as I have done before. I'm jumping in again, and this time I'm much more confident about how I will land. I know that I am my own safety net.