Friday, January 25, 2008

Sewing Machine (Art):

Well, last week I got my final project for last semster's art class back. I realized I hadn't posted it here, so this is it:
Basically it's a sort of assemblage piece...I painted the sewing machine, cut it out, poked some holes in it, threaded it with metallic gold thread and added an actual sewing machine needle (which is difficult to see) and even made my own little spool of golden thread. I then pasted that on top of brown "wood" paper, lovely fabric (most of which I originally used to make a skirt to wear on New Year's Eve 2006). The fabric is partially sewn and overhangs the mat, it also only covers part of the background, as part of it I hand-painted (I was so happy to find paint that matched soooo well!) You can see that in this photo:

I can't believe that class is over, and on Monday I begin my first ever drawing class. (Yikes!) I learned so much--about art and myself. And, gained so much confidence in my self and what I can do. I think I really surrendered to the Universe when I began this class...I took a scary leap and landed. I guess it's true, "you never know until you try..." (So cheesy).