Sunday, February 10, 2008


Well, I'm already into the 3rd week of my beginning Drawing class...I was really nervous the first week (and still am). The second class we did line drawings, and drawings of boxes, and drawings of each other. It's not exactly easy for me, especially as I look around at all the other people in my class (who, oddly enough are all guys!) I can see that they have had some form of drawing class before. But, why compare myself to them? So what if I've never drawn before? I've got nothing to prove. Having no drawing experience opens me up to learning more and not being tied to what I've "always done" or what another teacher liked.

Having said all of that, here are a few of the better drawings I completed for homework. The guidelines where that they had to be line drawings (of the specific items the teacher wanted us to draw), the lines had to be dark, slow, and smooth, and you could not erase. The last drawing, of my shoe, was difficult, I just couldn't get the laces to look right in earlier versions. So, I took them out and drew it again without the laces. They are not masterpieces, but I believe I have potential: