Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Origins of Some Selected Creations Part 5:

Well, feathered friends, it sure has been a long time since I’ve shared some of the stories behind the jewelry that I create…so, I figure I really should get back to it. Here are a few of my favorite pieces and the stories behind them:

I know I've said it a million times, but my Grandma loved owls. She had a huge collection of ceramic owls and owl themed things. So, essentially when I make something involving an owl, I am thinking of her.

Even when we were traveling in Tokyo, Japan I found some cute owl charms which I made into these fun earrings.

A few years ago one of my cousins actually bought this lovely owl necklace, and later emailed me to tell me that she actually bought it thinking of our Grandma.

When one of my best friends, Janine got married a few years ago I volunteered to make jewelry for the bridesmaids (which where me and her 2 sisters). The thing is that I knew the colors of the dresses, but hadn't actually seen them. I also wasn't entirely sure what her sister's styles were, so I made a whole bunch of jewelry and let them pick what they wanted to wear. Then I decided to sell what was left, so, these beauties were all made for a lovely beach wedding.

I made these Bachelorette Earrings with some left over cocktail glass accessories that my sister gave me after hosting a friend's bachelorette party. I thought they'd make great earrings for those girls nights out. Translucent pink (and blue and green) muscle men, nice....
I liked the way those looked so much, that I had to make earrings out of these whimsical mermaids too!

One of my close friends, Sylvie has a "horse themed" car. Well, not really, she just has a super-rad car-seat cover on which she painted a giant horse. So using that as inspiration I made her a little rear-view mirror decoration with horses. This necklace, in all it's playful simplicity, reminds me of Sylvie's car.

These next earrings, made with pretty red coral and Swarovski crystals are some of my favorites because they are pretty. I just really like the color combination. They remind me of a sunset over the ocean, or the colors of the desert--sky and clay.

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