Tuesday, March 18, 2008

PinkBird's Picture: Owakudani, Japan

This is a picture from the Owakudani crater, in Hakone, near Mt Fuji, in Japan. All that "steam" is really sulfuric gases being vented from the earth. In this crator, aside from the crazy-bad smell, are hot springs, where people boil eggs. The eggs turn black from the sulfur and tradition states that eating one will add 5 (or was it 7) years to your life. It seemed like everyone there was chowing-down on some black eggs. We were tempted to eat one, but eggs are weird and gross, and add that with the stink in the air, well, that would not have been pretty. If you're planning to travel to Japan I would recommend going to Hakone. You can take a boat around Lake Ashi, a hot springs bath at an Onsen, and then go to Owakudani. There you can take a "ropeway" (cable car/gondola) ride up above the crater and eat some black eggs for longer life--hooray!