Sunday, March 09, 2008

World Calling:

Practically since we touched down at Dulles last June after returning from Morocco, we had been "planning" our next big trip. We had an idea of when to go (between semesters, when the weather's nice, etc) and knew we wanted to head to South American. So, we'd been planning a trip to Peru but things just weren't working out. Frequent flier miles couldn't be used for the dates we wanted and work things were getting in the way. So, despite having my heart set on Peru we listened to the Universe and decided to go someplace else. At that moment it was like the world opened up. We could go anywhere. Where? I had been dreaming of so many different places. Do I want to just relax on a Caribbean beach or people watch from a cafe in India?

We have chosen and booked a destination: Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. I think right now I am in search of the world, in search of myself and the world within me. I need to travel to help me shake off the habits I've gotten myself into and to see the ways in which other people live.

I will post more about the trip itself later. It doesn't quite seem real yet after all the planning and discussion we finally booked tickets to get off of this continent. Hooray!