Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Contender:

Yesterday my Art teacher chose (2) students to be in the student art show (which I was in last semester). This (unfinished work) was one of my pieces she was considering, or as she put it was a "contender." Needless to say, she did not pick my work, but instead picked work from the 2 people I figured she would--because their work is amazing. I'll be honest, I'm a little disappointed, but only a little. I may not be in the art show, but I was in her top 3! And, she could only pick 2, so, depending on how you look at it, 3rd place (or 1st runner up) isn't too bad. Now that's looking at the glass as half-full! Taking art classes has really helped me to learn more about myself and the things I can do. A few months ago I never would have thought I could do well in an art class, let alone be in an art show. Taking my novice skills into consideration--with some more time and practice, I can only get better. My teacher also said that I have "many more art shows ahead," and I hope she's right.