Sunday, April 27, 2008


While doing some much put off sewing today I realized that the best reason for not taking summer school is being able to catch up on the heaps of projects I have around my studio. Plus, I have a degree, so all the art classes I've been taking, are really for my own knowledge and enjoyment. I may take a class at an arts center or gallery, but as for credit classes--well, I deserve a summer break!

Also, not only do I have my own art projects to work on, I really want to work on/unveil some new items for the PinkBird Creations shop. And, I could use a break from making art that someone else "tells" me to. The art assignments are getting old, like this one, I lovingly call "Crapple" because, well, we had to draw and apple, and I am not at all happy with how this came out. Hooray for a Crapple-free summer!