Monday, April 14, 2008

Master Study:

After much thought, and research, narrowing down, and debating (on a whole heap of artists, on a list given by my professor), I have decided to do my "master study" (for Drawing) on Vija Celmins. I chose this artists for a laundry list of reasons. There is something about her work that speaks to my soul. Her art is amazing. She takes ordinary objects and gives them so much heft and presence on paper they come alive while remaining so still. It's so simple and grand. The way she handles graphite is like magic. For a moment you may think it is a spiderweb or solar system rather than a hand drawn/painted image of the subject.

Sometimes in my drawing class, I almost have to force myself to do the work if I am not interested in the subject matter. I find that I must remind myself that it's not wholly about the subject, but the work--the study, medium, mixing, technique, the art itself--not what "it is" (this is not a new idea: here's a previous blog about it). For my own renditions of Celmins' works I feel I will be focusing more on the medium and technique than the subject matter. Perhaps that's what I like best about Vija Celmins' work. I'm more interested in her use of lines and tones than in her subjects. She has an ability to get so close to her subject and meticulously and realistically creates objects on paper that subject, context, and media meld into a whole creation.