Tuesday, May 06, 2008

travel art (or "another re-post"):

Well, we leave for Ecuador in about a week, and I've been putting off doing all the things I need to do and just thinking about travel. This is a blog I wrote about an accordion book I made using just line to tell a story/convey emotions about travel....

"Travel Art "(or 'Art School Geek Out'):

Wow....it has been a very busy week. And, as much as I am not a winter-weather person (take that Chicago!) Fall is in the air and it's making my skin tingle with excitement. I must admit Autumn is beautiful here on the East Coast.

The Art School Freak Out I had 2 weeks ago has diminished (but not disappeared). The critique went very, very well. I was both surprised and proud of myself. I know these assignments are typical "Art 101" things, but I like to share anyway.

Last week's assignment was much more fun....we were challenged to create an 8 page accordion book using line and the properties of line to convey a specific emotion (no representational drawings, either!) So....I combined 2 of my favorite things....I made art about travel!

Here it is:

You can look at the book 2 ways, either page by page, or open it completely and look at it as a whole...it's very linear (well, of course, it's a bunch of lines) and has a lot of movement and flow. Maybe the next Art class I take should be photography, as these pictures do not do my book any justice!

The first page is "just" Life. Just being. Everyday. Fairly simple....yet, floating; always ready to just get up and go.

Then, BAM! A trip...it's in the works, tickets have been purchased, friends have been called. I need to pack, I need to find things (like my passport, and those little travel toiletries and bottles I seem to collect), I throw everything into my backpack. A few days later, I take it all out to unpack what I really won't need. Then, usually the day before or day of I do my final packing and leave behind anything I can't wear with at least 2 other things in the bag. It's so exciting....it's a rush.

Then, after all the running around, plant watering, and remembering to put the mail on hold, we're on the plane, or train, or in the car....just cruising. It can be boring. It can be nerve-wrecking. When we finally arrive, at an airport, let's say....whoa! Waiting in customs and immigration lines, finding the luggage (since our backpacks are (sometimes) just a bit to big for new carry on rules), trying to find a bathroom, and then trying to figure out public transportation...Before leaving the airport I like to pause and just breathe in the air of a new land. It can be chaotic and crazy, but so amazingly fun.

These next two pages are about actually being at the place I have traveled to....whether it's a place I've dreamed of since childhood, or a random unexpected journey. It's exciting, new, and fresh. We can wander around a new city just bumping into new people and new experiences. After the initial excitement begins to fade, a new feeling emerges. This is the feeling that, "I could live here." Yes, let's move to London, Sydney, Tokyo, Maui, Austin, or Marrakesh. It almost never fails. I reach a peace within a new place that draws me in. Each city and place I've traveled to is unique and for each of these places there are a million unique reasons I could stay there forever.

But, of course I must go home, where ever that happens to be at the time. And, when I get there I surprise myself because I have brought home with me the peace and curiosity induced by traveling. This intentional wandering centers me. I am glad to be home. Though, even in that moment I am planning my next journey."