Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Review of REI HitchHiker Pack

I recently (and finally) got the HitchHiker bag from REI. I thought it would be great to use for long weekend trips and/or as a carry-on. Plus, I love a good bag--especially one that's convertible! I reviewed it at REI's website, and thought it would be worth sharing here:

Originally submitted at REI

REI HitchHiker pack keeps the active rambler happy with plenty of space and loads of useful features for fun-filled adventures.

By PinkBird on 7/28/2008

4out of 5

Pros: Easy To Access Items, High Quality, Easy To Carry, Good Capacity

Cons: No bungee cord on outside, No Compression Straps, Main Zipper could be in a better place

Best Uses: Carry-On Personal Bag, Camping, Weekend Trips

Describe Yourself: Comfort-Oriented, Modern, Stylish, Practical

Primary use: Personal

I was really excited to get this bag...but when it arrived at my house I was a bit nervous. The straps seemed very stiff, and I thought this bag wouldn't fit right, as I am a 5'2" tall woman (I felt the hard/stiff straps digging into my upper back/below my neck). But once I got the bag packed and the straps adjusted, I love it. There are tons of pockets, and the fact that it expands is even better. I would like compression straps and maybe a bungee cord on the outside (I like to keep my hoodie or rainjacket on the outside of my bags and it's also nice to have someplace to strap dirty shoes that you don't want to pack), but can do without them.

Overall, though I've only used this bag once or twice since getting it 2 weeks ago, I really like it, especially for weekend getaways or as a carry on when flying. I'm sure too, once the semester starts I'll be using it daily for school, since there are so many pockets for all my art supplies.

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