Saturday, August 30, 2008

Click, Click.

The semester has started with a bang...I have loads of work to do. I have to write quite a few papers for both my Art History and my 3D Design class which I may post here at some point.

Yesterday I bought supplies for my photography class (and this great photo shop in Hampden, Baltimore), I told myself I could only take a photography class if I got a scholarship--and I'm so glad I did, because the materials for taking pictures and developing film are expensive! I was a little worried too becuase I didn't have the right lens for my camera. I have a Nikon F2 (that a man at a camera store called a "dinosaur") and needed a 50mm lens which was easy enough to find online but I need it by Tuesday...Luckly, my local camera store just happened to have one used lens in stock! The Universe wants me to be here, I guess.

Today I am off to the National Gallery of Art to do some homework.
Create a great day!