Saturday, September 06, 2008

Nice to Meet You:

Thirty Three things you didn't know about me:

1. I attended private schools (even preschool--but I don't think they had public pre-k's back then) my entire life until I went to college (at the University of Missouri).
2. I have more college school spirit now than I did when I actually went to MU.
3. Every light bulb in my house is a compact florescent bulb except for the lamp on my night stand--why? I don't know. I should change that.
4. I love fall mornings...when it's sunny, crisp, breezy, and the moon is still up in the blue morning sky. (But, I'm mostly a summer kinda gal).
5. I hate shoes. I mean, I love shoes...I have heaps, but I hate wearing them. I'd be barefoot all day all the time everywhere if I could.
6. I have a birth mark just below my elbow on the inside of my right arm. My mom swears it's "new," but I've had it for as long as I can remember.
7. My younger sister is an Engineer (not the train kind).
8. I don't pray, but do have a mantra (or 2) that I say everyday.
10. I love music festivals, especially if there is camping involved but am afraid they are getting too played out.
11. I listen to public radio.
12. I named one of my cats after a character in Jack Kerouac's The Dharma Bums.
13. My favorite number is 3. I tend to group things in 3's and sometimes "feel weird," if things won't work in multiples of 3's.
14. I drink at least 2 cups of green tea (with kombucha) every morning.
15. I have a "secret whistle" with my husband (and a few friends) that we use to find each other if we get separated in stores or bars or shows (we started doing this years ago when no one had cell phones).
16. I love bananas, but I can never eat them fast enough--they always get brown and smooshy on my counter--then I use them in smoothies.
17. I love yoga. I love the philosophy and spirituality more than the "fitness."
18. I don't follow directions...not when I cook, not when I sew. I do it all but sight, feel, and taste.
19. I read PostSecret every Sunday.
20. I love, love, love roadtrips...with a car full or people or by myself.
21. I had a party (one of many, really) that got out of hand, people (that I didn't know) where all over the front lawn and out of control. So, I pretended to be a neighbor and told people "I think the cops are coming, we should leave."
22. I would drive anywhere to see some of my favorite bands (or friends).
23. Speaking of: It's been far too long since I've gone "on tour," with a band I love. It's so much fun to drive all over the country following a band, especially when you know each show on tour is never the same. (Yeah, yeah, call me a hippie).
24. I used to be "against" wearing jeans. All through high school I rarely wore jeans (unless they were a pair of sweet vintage ones that had been my moms). It wasn't until half way through college that I was like, "wait, jeans are awesome!"
25. My favorite "adult beverage" is Gin and Tonic (with a twist) but I'll drink cheap beer with the best of 'em. I actually rarely have a G&T, I'm more of a beer gal.
26. I'm the only member of my extended family that doesn't wear glasses--and I attribute it to my extreme love of carrots as a child.
27. I love recycling, upcycling, and repurposing (whatever you wanna call it) I like making new things out of old things, especially using objects I already have.
28. I am aware of and grateful for how "lucky" I am. (I also believe that "we make our own luck," as they say).
29. My first grade teacher would always make the sign of the cross when she heard ambulance or fire engine sirens pass our school. She said it was because she was silently praying for the people in need. I never did it myself, but I always thought that was a nice gesture.
30. I am not the toughest person in the world, but I do like doing physically challenging things just to see what I am really capable of.
31. Somewhat (not?) surprisingly, around the house I am actually pretty handy and have a decent set of tools, know how, and common sense.
32. I usually buy new things with these thoughts running through my head: "How well will this travel?" "Would I wear this on an airplane or running through an airport?" "How will my life improve if I buy this? Will other people's lives improve? Where do I see this in 5 Generations?" or "Could I wear this on the beach in Costa Rica or backpacking through Asia?"
33. I want art to be accessible to anyone who wants or needs it.