Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy 30th Birthday, Sylvie! (or, I love lists!)

In honor of one of my bestest friends turning 3-0, I thought I'd make a cheesy (or at least embarrassing for me) list...
Sylvie, here are 30 reasons you're awesome, or 30 things you may not already know....

1. I have the birds in the tree painting that you made for me matted, framed, and hanging in my kitchen.
2.That day that turned into night--when we went to Kokua, then took a cab (in which you began speaking Chinese to the driver--much to his surprise) to the after party where you guys ordered pizza to the bus stop and later we passed out on your tiled floor--was one of the best times I've had. I wish I could remember it better.
3. Whatever choices and decisions you make about your life or your own Personal Legend, I will stand by them. Even if I disagree, I will respect your choices. There is no make or break; it's already been made. There's no getting rid of me.
4. No matter how you remember our Honolulu-->LA-->Austin (and back again) road trip, It was one of the best road trips I've had, even when I was sick and sleeping in the backseat....even when weird old men where paying for our drinks...even when we changed hotels, twice! (Well, that was a total upgrade!)
5. Some of the best advice you've ever given me is, "Life's too short to worry about getting hit with a beer can that ricocheted off of some one else." Just kidding. (Kinda).
6. I love your art. It amazes me. It's beautiful in its complex simplicity.
7. Your sense of style always inspires me. Sometimes when I'm getting ready to go out and don't know what to wear I think to myself, "what would Sylvie wear?" and just go with that.
8. You always make me feel good about following my dreams and pursuing my Personal Legend. You are one of my dear friends that I know will always support me.
9. I know you hardly wear jewelry, I really do. I'm sorry I always make new jewelry for you, I can't help it. It's what I do. I adorn things.
10. Thank you for helping me see that karaoke in sleazy bars is awesome.
11. I still feel special when I see you using the things I made for you--like the purses or the coffee mug. Thanks!
12. The Universe has its plans...and for both of us, in the stories of our lives, Hawaii has a special place in that plan.
13. You have gotten me into a lot of great music over the years, and even rekindled my love of the Rolling Stones and Mr. Dylan.
14. I truly believe that without your insight, support, and friendship, I would not have PinkBird Creations, nor my own Art School career.
15. When I first met you, I was really happy to learn you were a vegetarian too.
16. Do you remember yelling off the balcony in Waikiki? That night we wrote on our hands? Live free or die. I do. And I smile every time.
17. I now have a pretty jar of coins in my window too.
18. I wish we went to the same school--or even still lived in the same town!
19. We won't be sad if you take the Longhorn off your car (OK, maybe just a little)--or if you already have...but you can't get rid of it....make it into a pencil topper or something. ha.ha.
20. I love it when you speak French in our emails, even if I can't always understand it. (How sleazy did that just sound?!)
21. Let's make art could be an installation, or our own show...whatever...we'll get Jennifer in on it too. We could mail works-in-progress to each other. It'd be fabulous.
22. I had no doubt that you wouldn't love Flight of the Conchords.
23. You have great hair. Really.
24. This one's from Phill: "You get Channel 9!"
25. Our band could at least be an internet (or at least MySpace) sensation! S.T. needs its 15 minutes.
26. Thanks for all the advice!
27. You have brought out new (or hidden) aspects of my life...things that otherwise I may have never discovered or had the courage to do had I never met you.
28. All those black and white pictures you took of me in Austin years ago are framed and displayed in our house....the picture you showed me the last time I saw you was nice too...I only had a weird reaction because I thought my profile looked funny...aside from that it was good...(and hard to believe it was taken in '05 and not '75!)
29. There is magic in our friendship, I truly believe that.
30. The best is yet to come. I hope you have a fantastic birthday and an awesome 30th year!