Sunday, October 12, 2008

Keepin' it Green....

I know Austin City Limits was a couple weeks back (though it feels like forever ago) but I forgot to mention this of my favorite things about the fest (aside from the music and the people watching, and the food, and the friends...and, well you get it) was the "green" recycling program they set up.

Now, ACL is definitely not the greenest music festival I've ever been to (I think the Kokua Festival takes that spot)...but their recycling program rocked. See, it was perfect for lazy people like me (who just wanted to bask in the Texas heat, listen to music, hang with my friends, and drink a few beers), and motivated people, like this guy:

What was great was that I'd be dancing around or chillin' on my "blanket" (that's a different story) and finish my beer or water or whatever and one of these motivated people would come by and ask me for my empty bottle or can. So, I never even had to walk to find a recycling bin (which were actually all over the place). Well, these recyclers are not just tree-hugging dirt worshippers, they had another agenda...Free ACL swag (like a shirt, poster, or tote bag) for collecting and bringing a bag of recyclables to a "Rock and Recycle" tent like this one:

What a fantastic idea! Get the people who pay to be there to clean up the garbage for basically free. Plus, the people who weren't participating had someone cleaning up after them and got to meet people who wanted to stash their trash. But, seriously, for a giant music festival this was one of the cleanest I've been too. We would see an area totally littered with bottles and cans, and 5 minutes later someone would come by and pick them all up. I wonder how many free shirts/totes/posters ACL gave away. Perhaps if I really wanted something they were giving away, I would have done it too...but I was getting what I wanted...a fun, chill weekend and not being surrounded by recyclable trash.