Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Travel Fairy...

This semester is really flying by...and I have been super busy! For my 3D Design class we are creating costumes for an event--that can be real or imagined--made of "non-traditional materials" (better yet, anything that wasn't originally intended to be worn or used in a garment). We could choose our own "event" and then make an outfit that we would wear to it.

Since I am into making travel art or art about travel, I decided to create the Travel Fairy's outfit. I am working on making a skirt and top (I'd originally planned to do a dress, but that was both a challenge and boring at the same time) made of a variety of laminated maps. I also scanned in our passports, blew them up and had them made into transparencies that I then affixed to wire to make wings (but I'm not sure I like how they are turning out). I have an awesome wand made of a Christmas ornament and a plastic toy airplane (that I painted pink). I also made some super awesome shoes, which I will post pictures of tomorrow (stay tuned....).

Anyway, since I will be wearing this costume in the Art Gallery Fashion Show next month (Woo! My second art show ever!) I thought I'd tell you a little more about it....

The Travel Fairy provides assistance along a traveler’s journey; as she does not just “poof” people to the place they want to be—they would miss the fun of getting there. She might help you board a train or make a flight; she may clear your calendar for that weekend getaway and help you get there. The Travel Fairy can calm nerves and help travelers find comfort in the uncomfortable. She watches luggage and helps create all the “coincidences” travelers feel when trying to make a flight or find someone who speaks their language.

She believes that travel changes everything and wants others to experience what can change because of experiencing new places, cultures, and ideas. She also wants people to have a relaxing experience and can help people find a much needed break from their day-to-day, 9-to-5 lives.

The Travel Fairy is part of the magic of travel. She knows that when on a journey, it often helps to believe in this magic—on the road you may witness the “miracles” and “magic” of life and nature personally.

She helps people to travel, be adventurous and go to places they may not otherwise get to go. She encourages exploration and discovery. She assists people in reading their internal compasses or inspirations allowing people to trust and follow their “instincts” and “inclinations” and as they choose a path and begin a journey.

I hope that the Travel Fairy visits you at some point on your adventure through the world and life. I know that she has helped me on numerous journeys....