Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Travel Fairy's Shoes: Covered in Stamps! (a "kinda-tutorial")

As promised, here are my fabulous Travel Fairy Shoes....I know, what haven't I covered in postage stamps?! (not much, really). Here are the shoes before I got crafty:

Then, I got out my trash-bag full of of canceled stamps (OK, I don't have that many stamps); I glued them on using a basic craft/tacky glue and Modge-Podge which I also used to coat the stamps as I was going. Then, after covering the each shoes with the stamps, I sprayed them with a nice shiny top coat, to seal in the stampy-goodness and to make sure they won't fall apart when I have to wear them in the Fashion Show.

The shoes were the only part of this art project that my instructor would allow to be "pre-made" (granted, she would prefer we made our own shoes, but I have way too much going on to become a cobbler). So, for the Art Gallery Fashion Show I will be able to wear these decoupaged flats; which I am really excited about (and I plan to wear them out too)! And, I'm not the only one stoked about the whole thing (though this class and other aspects of this assignment are, well, another story entirely)...Even the cat wanted in on this action! (More on this project, and the gallery reception, to follow...)