Friday, December 19, 2008

Becoming the Travel Fairy...

Somehow time has gotten away from me...but, I've been wanting to post more of the details of my Travel Fairy Costume. (Please click HERE to get the back story about this project).

First, the Travel Fairy is part of the magic of travel. She helps people to travel, be adventurous and go to places they may not otherwise get to go. She encourages exploration and discovery.
By assisting people in reading their internal compasses or inspirations, she helps people to trust and follow their instincts as they choose a path and begin or continue on a journey.

The Travel Fairy provides assistance along a traveler’s journey; she does not just materialize people to the place they want to be because then they would miss the fun of getting there. She watches luggage and helps create all the “coincidences” travelers feel when trying to make a flight, find someone who speaks their language, or find comfort in the uncomfortable. She believes that travel changes everything and wants others to experience what can change because of experiencing new places, cultures, and ideas.

Here is what I did for my costume:
First, I made a shirt and skirt entirely out of maps (that I laminated so they wouldn't rip while wearing them). They have a patchwork look, which I was going for. I used a zipper in the back of the shirt to make getting it on and off a little easier. To create the lining of the skirt, I used an airline blanket, which I also used for the sleeves and back of the top (around the zipper). The skirt also has "ruffles" like a flapper. This is the shirt:
Shirt Front
Shirt Back

And, the Skirt

Next, I scanned our passports into my computer, enlarged them and went to a copy center and had them printed onto transparency paper. From there I pieced them together and glued them onto a wire wing-frame (using low temperature hot glue). To add some flair, I cut circles from thin foam package material and glued those to the wings as well (plus, it covered the messy job that was attaching the transparencies to the wire). I then sprayed the wings with glitter spray paint (which doesn't show up in the pictures). Here is a close up of the wings and the back center of the wings:

Then, I made the Travel Fairy a lovely wand. For this I started with a Christmas ornament. I drilled a hole in it big enough for my dowel rod, then painted it(freehand) to look like a globe. I topped it with a bottle cap (from a beer we had in Australia) and a picture of a suitcase. I found tiny toy airplanes and painted this one pink and yellow. After drilling a hole through it, I strung wire in it an attached it to a hole I'd drilled in the bottle cap--this way is rotates around the glove. The stick-part of the wand was just a dowel rod I covered with strips of Tyvek mailing envelopes, painted silver, and covered in glitter.

Next, the Travel Fairy had to have lots of I made a ring with a tiny wooden suitcase (and some rhinestones), earrings out of compasses, a big brooch/corsage out of paper luggage tags and Japanese coins, a necklace out of an old (gold) TWA playing card, and a bracelet decoupaged with a vintage map (of Chicago).
I also made a headband out of an old backpack compression strap which I pained silver and added tiny compasses and a vintage airplane piece. And, I made a belt from a luggage strap. For the belt I had to cut a section of the strap out and sew it back together (as it didn't get tight enough/small enough to fit me otherwise). I also painted the buckle, decoupaged some map paper to it, and added a small blue ship.

For the shoes, which I explained here, I decoupaged a pair of flats with stamps. (If you want to know more about how to do this, see my previous post here).

And, finally, it all came together...without using a bit of "traditional" clothing material! And, all of the items I used fit with the theme of my project, Travel. After creating this entire costume, I then got to model it in a fashion show!