Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Traditions...

The holidays always draw out memories of years past or of the Christmases of my childhood. This time of year I get all nostalgic not only for holiday's gone by, but of travels and homes once (and still) loved. I have several holiday traditions that I grew up with like baking cookies with my Grandmothers' recipes or putting toothbrushes in the family stockings, but since I got married I have created my own traditions that I thought I would share.

First, every year my husband and I take a photo in front of our Christmas tree. Then, I stick that picture into my special "Christmas Album." This is a photo album in which I keep only pictures (and cards) from Holiday's past. Each year I take it out at Christmas time and we can reminisce about the gifts we got or where we lived; then I pack it away with the Christmas decorations and save it for next year.

Next, each year I make different ornaments to hang on my tree. Along with those ornaments hang trinkets and ornaments that I like to buy while traveling. I love that my Christmas tree has decorations that I got all over the world, from Delft shoes, to Kokeshi dolls, to Hawaiian quilt prints. I have found that sometimes I'd like to have a little reminder or souvenir from a place I've visited, but I don't want some obnoxious kitsch thing, so ornaments are excellent keepsakes. If I can't find locally made or traditional ornaments I have even used key chains (and removed the ring and added a nice hook) or little figures (to which you can attach a hook), pictures from our travels in tiny frames, and even paper luggage tags can be prettied up and hung on the tree.

So, I hope you have your own holiday traditions to enjoy! Have a wonderful Holiday Season and peace, creativity, and light in the New Year.