Friday, December 05, 2008

Hopping on One Foot....

The other night, in my last Basic Photography class...which was teacher said something about how photography (and art) classes are the only classes where students want to say late, have more lab time, and extend the classes...and I totally agree. I was actually sad that this class is over.

Unable to sleep, I began thinking about how true this idea is for me. I want to keep creating, to keep being challenged and immersed in a world of making and creativity. Though this semester is over, I'm already looking forward to my classes next semester. I'm wondering what I'll do, what assignments I'll have and what types of art I will create. What will I make? How will I be challenged? How many tears will I have and how many times will I want to quit but keep going?

I attended the University of Missouri for 4 years and graduated "on time." I had a handful of memorable classes and teachers, but I never really felt the excitement of going to class or doing school work that I have now that I am following my passions and feeling so supported. Back then was I just going through the motions, doing what I was supposed to do? I can tell just by listening to my inner voice, or the voice of the Universe, that what I am doing now is the right choice. It's difficult sometimes to "justify" following your dreams or making a complete career change "just to see how it goes." I think I knew that even if it didn't (or doesn't) work out, at least I will have tried. That's all any of us can really do, right? I also know that everything in my life has lead me to this point. I look at my photos from my photography class or my last two 3D Design projects--the Travel Fairy and a Personal Shrine--and think, "I've been working on these projects my entire life."

Some time last year I challenged myself to go back to school for art--to do something I had never done and was almost too afraid to do. I jumped in. I didn't realize it at the time, that I was in a way challenging myself...but now, the "novelty" that I am in art school, enjoying it and doing well, has not worn off. Almost every day I think, "Hey, look! I'm really doing it!"

I'm like a child who's just learned to hop on one foot--and now I'm going to go every where and do everything while hopping on one foot. I just hope that this feeling that "I can and am doing it" stays with me. I love the tingle of surprising myself. I love working on a piece for so long that it becomes part of me...then, showing the piece to someone and it's brand new again.

I began thinking about all of this because of a comment my photography teacher rang so true. That same class we critique our final projects, a visual theme. I am proud of the way my photos came out. And, adding to my feeling of "I'm doing it!!" is that fact that 5 of them will be on display at school until January. I took photos of them (which do not do them any justice, but you'll get the idea) which I will post tomorrow.

So, I'll keep hopping on one foot everywhere I go, since it's all so fresh and clear and I've realized that I can do it. I've learned so much...I'm following my Personal Legend, and since I've "jumped in" I'm sure I can continue to hop...every day is like I'm jumping in again, and each time I'm more confident about how I will land. I know that I am my own safety net.