Saturday, December 20, 2008

I've Been Working on this Project All My Life.

My 3D Design class ended last week. Our final project was to create a Personal Shrine. Sounds easy enough, right? The shrine had to have 5 different and distinct sections: Honoring, Remembering, Attracting, Healing, and Expressing.

I made this "dollhouse" completely myself out of balsa wood, some itty-bitty screws, and wood glue. (I was so proud of myself for building the "rooms" and for attaching the hinges to have opening/closing doors!) Then, I covered it all with pretty paper, ribbon, and glitter. I won't go into everything that's involved...but it all has meaning...

I used objects in this shrine that I'd been saving for years and years and years. I used scraps and photos and charms that for whatever reason (unknown to me) I saved thinking, "I'll need this for a project some day." This is the life of an artist, especially ones that work in sculpture, collage or assemblage; we are the scrap savers. Just a few things that I included are: a candle, incense holder, bottle caps, sequins, pictures, bells, twigs, crystals, beads, rocks, upholstery samples, washers, charms, keys, paper, and it goes on and on...see for yourself: