Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What was Lost...

A few years ago, I knit a fabulous scarf, well, it was more of a cowl (as it was pretty short and buttoned around my neck). I wore that scarf all over the place:

In Chicago:

In Tokyo:
In D.C.
You get the idea....Then, about 2 weeks ago while shopping, I lost it. Yep. So sad. I didn't even realize it right away. I went back to look for it but my favorite scarf was gone. I am currently in the process of knitting another one--an identical one (I just have to find the same coconut buttons I used). As I gathered my fat bamboo needles (size 17) to re-make an old favorite, I realized I hadn't knit in a really long time (with yarn anyway--I've been knitting non-traditional fibers like tape from cassette tapes and shredded plastic bags).

Now, having lost that scarf, I have re-found my love of knitting. What was lost is now found. I have been yarn shopping. I'm hurrying to finish this cowl so I can knit a bunch more stuff with the sparkly yarns I got from my local yarn store. It's fun; I had forgotten how relaxing it and meditative it is. Had I not lost the original I would not be feeling this resurgence of yarn and needle and knit love. I was at first a bit sad; now I am excited about the possibilities of what to knit next. I may not be glad that it's gone, but I am OK with it. So, off I go, needles in hand to see what I find....