Friday, February 20, 2009

A Better Bid in Vegas!

I'm going to Las Vegas in April for my 30th Birthday! A group of my friends are coming along/meeting there and I'm pretty excited about it. (I know, sounds cliche, and it kind of is...but there's a lot to do there especially for a group of people with different interests--I for one can't wait to hike around in the Valley of Fire).

Anyway, I'd planned to use Hotwire to book my hotel, since I wanted a decent hotel (actually, a 5 star--it's my birthday!) at an awesome price. After some researching, I found the site, This site allows registered users to post the deals they got on the opaque travel booking sites, Hotwire and Priceline. Then, if you're going to book through, say Hotwire, you can compare the hotels by their amenities and location to try to get a better idea of what hotel you're being offered on Hotwire. When I began searching Hotwire, I concluded that the hotel I was being offered was most likely the Venetian by looking at the listings on for the Venetian. And, when I was ready to book on Hotwire, though I wasn't 100% sure what hotel I was getting, I had a good idea...and well, it was the Venetain! I can't wait!

The site really helped--and I'm glad I found it. So, if you're looking to score a deal from Priceline or Hotwire, I'd suggest checking out first! Now, I'm actually excited about my 30th Birthday...rather than just feeling like "wow, I'm getting old!" (Ha!) Viva Las Vegas!