Saturday, February 07, 2009

Wild, Wild Life...

I have an amazing yoga instructor/guru. Some time last week she read Mary Oliver's poem, "The Summer Day." It is my task now to reflect on this poem...this is what I have come up with so far:

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Where does this journey begin? Where am I now? I am at a place of beginnings, of middles, and of endings. I am following my dreams, my internal compass is leading me to the life I must live. For years, I thought I was making a “plan,” I was trying to find my path, and yet somehow I missed it. (Despite it determinedly showing itself to me in multiple forms and through various people). I was given innumerable of opportunities to identify and accept it. I know I was not ready then. I know that I am opening up and realizing it now. I know that my dream--all dreams are real and that the Universe is with me in bringing them to into being. I do not believe that the “good people” in the world are difficult to find or that miracles are few. I know that they are present all around us everywhere.

It is easily difficult for me to make plans. I like to “go with the flow.” I like the freedom to change my mind intertwined with the freedom of certainty. I want to do and learn through trial and error. What is it that I “plan to do with [my] one wild and precious life?” I know that I am able to awake each morning with gratitude for another day on this amazing planet. I know that I am able to be creative, authentic, full of light and hope. I can begin to pay more attention, to convey love and thanks to every moment. I am beginning to trust myself and allow myself to fully be myself.

I plan to create and adorn, to do work that is in alignment with my passions and beliefs, to make art that inspires others. (To inspire others to "live out loud," to create, to take risks, or to accept themselves). I want to create and learn a better sense of myself, foster a stronger intuition and own the courage to follow and trust myself and what the Universe has planned for me. I want to be an active participant of my own life. I want to feel at peace making choices that may not adhere to the status quo.

I do not know how to do any better than this (but I am learning), but I believe that I can open myself up to become better, to surrender, and to listen. I know that if I am living and being present in this and each moment that in the height of my life I will not be let down or disappoint. My goals are simple. The things I do are also simple. I love, I create, I hope, I hug, I write, I teach, I read, I learn, I smile, I watch, I try to be a light (or light). It is these simple actions that are the most complex.