Saturday, May 30, 2009

Might as well be married to Baby Huey...

....that's what we heard our neighbor say to her friend and her husband as they stood talking loudly in the hallway right outside our hotel room. Of course, then we started laughing hysterically--and were a bit worried they'd heard us, especially when I looked at my husband and asked, "Who's Baby Huey?!" (Which made us laugh harder).

Anyway, our Memorial Day weekend in Atlantic City was awesome. We stayed at Bally's, which was nice but our room (and food/drink) was comped, so that made it better. Actually, the room had some issues (like the door that wouldn't close right from the outside without some jiggling) and had we paid for the room I would have been very disappointed. We were on the 40th floor in a corner room, so it was quite room. The second time we checked in (since after checking in the first time, we got to the room assigned to us and it was still dirty from the last guest. Ick) we requested an ocean view room which was also wonderful. Even the bathroom had huge windows and a great view.

(This was the actual view from our room,
I just put a "tilt-shift" on the photo--

and now everyone's a miniature. You can learn to do it too here.)