Sunday, May 31, 2009

Pretty for Summer (A Faux Feather Hair Clip Tutorial)

About a year ago I really wanted some feather earrings...only feathers kind of weird me out (I mean, I think they are lovely and soft and all that goodness, but I also love birds. So, I think I definitely like feathers better when they are on birds....). Anyway, so I ended up making myself some faux feathers with different colored felt.

Then, a few months ago I decided I wanted a pretty feather hair clip...and instead of using real feathers, I made this:

I did not take pictures of the process, so I will try to simply explain how I made it....

First, I drew (freehand) the feather shapes I wanted onto the 4 different colors of felt (I had sort of sketched it our free hand before I made it to get an idea of what I wanted and how many colors I would need). Then, I cut out the shapes.

Next, I attached the small circles to each other with a drop of glue (optional), a quick stitch and a bead and a sequin. Then I set these aside.

Then, I sewed together the blue "drop" shaped piece to the green piece. I also added decorative stitches and beads.

After this, I glued the large brown piece to the underside of the top part of the "clamp"/alligator hair clip (see photo). Once that was dry, I stitched the blue and green piece (that are now sewn together) to the brown piece that is attached to the clip. Basically making a hair clip sandwich with my felt feathers.

Last, I glued the two small circles (that I'd made first) to the end of the clip, basically just to hide the metal of the clip.

The underside is a bit messy, but I don't mind that, plus no one sees it.

Once the glue was set It was ready to wear, fabulously!