Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Need Phish Tickets???

...Because I have to sell my Alpine Valley tickets...so, I've listed them (BELOW face value!!! $40 or Best Offer!) on eBay. They are mail order/lottery tickets--which makes them extra special ;) When I got them months ago we had big plans to go out to the Midwest (to see family, friends, and Phish) but now we have other plans and aren't going to be able to make it to that area until August. Boo! Yes, I'm disappointed, but I'll be more disappointed if these tickets go to waste--which is why I've listed them below face.

In other Phish news...we were at the show in Camden, NJ on Sunday night and it was awesome! I hadn't danced that hard in a long time. But, more on that show later...right now I'm just trying to sell these tickets! (Click HERE to go to the eBay listing).