Monday, July 20, 2009

How to Make a Cassette Tape Lamp: A Tutorial

Recently, I made a fabulous table lamp from recycled cassette tapes and a simple IKEA lamp. Now, you can too!

You Will Need:

-GRONO lamp from IKEA (or something similar, you may even be able to find them on ebay or amazon if you don't have an IKEA nearby) and appropriate light bulb
-20 cassette tapes (though you could use only 16, I prefer 20, so that there
are 4 on each side, rather than 3). Also, try to use translucent tapes that
will allow more light through
-Glue (I used a few different types, but you want one that's going to hold
plastic to glass but not get weird or toxic with the subtle heat from the light bulb)
-Drill (optional)
-Time and patience as you will have to glue things and let them set an dry a few times

First, find the heaps of old Mix Tapes you've been saving but can't even listen to becuase you don't have a tape player anymore. I used 20 tapes. I peeled off the labels (you know, the sticker you write the tape's info on) but it could be cool to leave those on too.

, glue the tapes together end to end with strong glue (remember the glue needs to stand up to the heat of the lamp but should not get toxic or melt/burn). I chose a subtle "pattern" to glue the tapes in, but you could glue them together any way you'd like. I glued 4 tapes together, top to bottom, in a "line." I repeated this 4 times so I have enough to cover each side of the lamp. After the gluing process I had 4 pieces of 4 tapes glued together. You may need to use a clamp to help the tapes stay together while drying. Then, let these tapes dry.

After they are dry you are ready to glue each section onto the sides of the lamp. Repeat this 4 times--one for each side of the lamp.

Now, because the lamp I chose had a notch at the bottom to allow the cord to slip through, I had to drill a small notch in the bottom of one of the tapes so the cord would lay flat.

Finally, let the whole thing dry completely for awhile (I waited at least 48 hours) but follow the directions on the glue you've chosen.

After the lamp is dry and appears sturdy, give it a try. You've just made a unique recycled lamp! Enjoy!

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