Thursday, July 30, 2009

I'm a PC?

While we were in Seattle we took a short drive over to Redmond, WA to visit the Nintendo Customer Service Center and Microsoft which are mere blocks from each other. Microsoft's campus is huge, and probably puts a lot of legitimate college campus' to shame. The campus itself has a sort of eerie Truman Show/Pleasantville-ness to it. There are blocks and blocks of lovely identical buildings and perfect landscaping. There are restaurants in the Commons area and even little forested areas with both sidewalks and graveled paths--perhaps so while you're on your lunch break you can feel like you're hiking in the woods.

The Welcome Center itself is nice--a history of Microsoft, it's culture, and visions. There you can see brand new technologies side by side old ones. They also have a "gift shop" (behind which is an employees only software/hardware shop) where you can purchase just about anything with Microsoft's logo. Here are some photos (is it wrong that I took some pictures with my iPhone?):
This trash can was one of my favorites...check out the last line of "What's Trash:"