Monday, August 31, 2009

Virgin FreeFest

Public Enemy

The National

WeezerGirl Talk

Franz Ferdinand
The price (free!) wasn't the best part of the festival (although it certainly didn't hurt). Despite arriving late--because traffic and parking were crazy and missing 2 acts I really wanted to see-St. Vincent and Mates of State, we had an awesome time! The fest had free shuttles to far away parking (which was also free), all kinds of free give-aways and a really chill yet ready to party vibe. Plus, being at the cozy and arty Merriweather Post Pavilion helped too. There was plenty of shade and space to relax--much in earshot of one of the 3 stages. I was able to catch at least some of every band I wanted to see and every set was awesome!

I still can't believe it was free! I mean, over 20 acts, 11+ hours of music, heaps of crazy festival stuff (like contests, karaoke, a fortune teller, booths for all kinds of causes, funky boutiques, Richard Branson and other celebs serving drinks, skydivers, and all kinds of social awareness!). It was, for me at least, a crazy dance party all day long--just what I needed as the Summer of Awesome is winding down!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Key...

At a Phish show at Merriweather Post Pavilion I noticed this handy emergency exit. I wonder who has the key:

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A List or A-List:

I have been busy...actually, to be honest I have been a lovely swirling mess of extremely busy and extremely lazy. So, here, in my favorite format--the list--is a brief recap:

...I have been celebrating the Summer of Awesome 2009. I hope you are too...

...We now have three lovely bird paintings above our couch. The Guy's grandmother painted them...they need new frames, though the gaudy gold does seem to fit with the design mash-up that is our living space.

...I have been enjoying sunny (and hot and humid) walks to the post office and the farmers market a few times a week.

...I saw "Inglourious Basterds," I'm not a fan of violence and blood but I still liked the movie, admittedly though, the highlight came before the movie started--the theater was packed and 3 cops showed up, walked up the aisle to some big guy with a purse, not sure what they said, but he shouted and then got arrested. Bootlegging? I dunno.

...Went to visit my sister and we took her boat out only to have it mysteriously breakdown...we got towed to shore in the middle of nowhere and hung out on a beach while her guy hitched a ride back to his truck then came back for us and the boat. We didn't get to wake-board but it was still fabulous!

...I got to visit a Caterpillar plant (as in Caterpillar Construction), it was like living "How it's Made!"

...Riding around on an adult tricycle may have been one of the highlights of my I have to find one on Craigslist or Freecycle so I can ride it whenever I want.

...I've realized more people need to carry Pictionary around with them and preferably a large laminated sheet of poster-board and dry erase pens to go with it.

...History of Modern Art may actually be a pretty awesome class this semester.

...You may be drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon, but I have been enjoying some Belgian white beers (I'm drinking a Hoegaargen as I type).

...I'm working on scanning old photos so I can have digital versions of all those great memories...

...I need to get a new Passport but don't want to give up my old one. Apparently they send it back to you after you renew. Yay!

...Wish I could get enough of Good Old War but I can't...

...Volunteered at a Paul McCartney show and got to be backstage most of the show...even got to see sound check. And, when I wasn't backstage I was in the front of the stage!

...Sweetest thing to happen all Summer? Someone I had never met bought me beads from Bead for Life (wonderful cause)...of course I had to make a bunch of jewelry with them...including a lovely necklace for her.

...Saw a strange Phish show at Merriweather Post Pavilion but had a good time nonetheless. I'm still not sure why/how it was different from other shows...was it the crowd? Was it the music? Who was vibe-ing of off who?

...Have spent waaaay too much time trying to find decent/useful apps for my iPhone. (And, so far I have tons of photo-editing apps!)

...Day dreaming about moving...not sure where too (though Hawaii and Europe are on the list!)

...I wish I were taking more studio art classes this semester. As much as I enjoy Graphic Design classes, I wanna get messy!

...Secretly, (and embarrassingly) I actually kinda like that new-ish Green Day song, "21 Guns," that faux beautiful voice is what gets me., it's catchy and poppy. It's a guilty pleasure.

...I've been listening to Obadiah Parker’s version of "Hey Ya" too much.

...We bought a case of Kinder Surprise Eggs while in Vancouver. Yum!

...School starts today, so I have a sneaking suspicion I will be in hermit mode for awhile. So, until next time, Create a beautiful day!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Art is in the Wind....

My fabulous funky art mama friend, Christine is an artist and teacher who has been updating her blog with all kinds of fun art ideas. She has some terrific ways to spend these last few days of summer with your friends or children creating meaningful works of art. Many of the projects are inspired by works from other artists. The pieces are tactile, spiritual and sometimes folksy. The beauty and understanding of folk art is accessible to anyone, as an art teacher that is so important to her, "Everyone has the creative power to make their life beautiful and meaningful." One of my favorite ideas is the Treasure Box Collage 'cause we all know we have little treasures and trinkets too small to do much with but sentimental enough to hang on to. This project is a great way to put all those things to work or to add found objects and symbols to create something beautiful and magical. It's similar to a Personal Shrine I made last year (and I'm still working on...what's the saying, "Art is never finished...only abandoned" - Leonardo da Vinci)...These are pieces you can work on your entire life that can tell a story using only the bits, baubles, and beauty of everyday life. It is a way to catch those moments of magic and beauty to create a record of something fleeting or not...something in the air...something tossed with the wind.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More on Etsy...

I have been quite busy (and will be updating soon...) but until then, I thought I'd let you know I've added a couple of new supplies to my Etsy shop (
Happy Crafting!