Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Totally Awesome Paper Sculpture Kit!!!

Need a gift idea for the crafty-kid in your life? My friend, Christine of The Firefly Jar blog came up with this totally awesome (and inexpensively fun) idea: The Totally Awesome Paper Sculpture Kit!!!

You could make this with your child or for her/him. Paper Sculpture is a great activity for kids. It "gives children the opportunity to problem solve and create 3-d forms by using staples and tape (which the the kids "totally" love)." There are no lines to color in or models to follow, it's all up to the child's imagination. This homemade kit contains a variety of colored card stock, tape, scissors, a stapler and staples, and some fun little extras like pipe cleaners and puff balls.

Perhaps my favorite thing about this project is the "totally radical" box design, inspired by those "run and tell your mom to buy you this awesome and expensive piece of plastic" Saturday morning cartoon commercials.