Sunday, January 24, 2010

Inquiring Minds...

...want to know what happened here? Well, 2010 has started with a bang! I've been super busy...between work and school I have little time for much else...I'm in a class right now called "Entrepreneurship and Creativity" which still has me wondering if this is a topic one can "teach." Anyway, here is a brief recap of the past month or so:

-We spent the holidays split between Chicago and Springfield, Missouri. It was fabulous. Oh, How I'd missed pizza at Gino's East.

-We hung with Gogol Bordello for New Year's Eve in Charlottesville, Virginia. The band was staying at the same hotel we were. The show was awesome even despite the fact that I leaned on a door mid-show and next thing I knew I was lying on the ground outside. At least the guy helped me up--and didn't hide his laughter.

-I bought a Crock Pot after Christmas--since this semester will be crazy, we figured making a huge meal on Sunday and spreading it out throughout the week will ensure that we eat decent/healthy meals despite our weird schedules. So far vegetarian chili and veggie "beef" (seitan) stew were winners!

-I found some amazing fabric at Ikea, so I've been sewing a I plan to finish a fabulous throw blanket I'm making for cuddling up watching movies.

-Last weekend I reupholstered and painted a little thrifted bench I've had for years. Fun times.

-I tried for renting my textbook for this winter semester, though the book was in pretty bad shape, at $24 (versus $128 new) it worked. And, since I wasn't really using it, I returned it early and got a full refund.

-My little sister is getting married in May 2011. Yours Truly is the Maid of Honor. Yes, this is far off in the future, but I still spend a good chunk of my time sifting through wedding magazines and browsing Etsy for wedding ideas. (Perhaps I'll post some of my favorite finds one of these days).

-Instead of writing my own blog, I've been reading being inspired by some other fantastic blogs, Prudent Baby and Smile and Wave.

-I received a juicer for Christmas, so I've been making "experimental" juices like nobodies business. This is only reinforcing the fact that I will drink just about any concoction. But, what I really love is that I can throw all those "pilly" or "mealy" apples that look great on the outside but have a gross texture into the juicer and they don't go to waste.

-I went thrifting today and picked up a stack of vintage children's books (for .30 cents each!) and a vintage Kodak Bull's Eye Brownie Camera for only $3!

-My winter semester ends this week, then my spring semester begins Saturday. Boo! Yes, I have class on Saturday...and just about every day...and a heap of studio art classes, which means I may be on a short hiatus.

-Until next time, take it light,
XO, Bekki