Friday, February 19, 2010

5 Things Friday: Ikea!

Since moving to a place that is about 15 minutes (when traffic's good) from an Ikea, the amount of stuff in our home from Ikea has definitely increased. For today's "5 Things," I'm showcasing 5 of my favorite home accessories and decor that I've bought at Ikea. Yay! Cute!

1. Embroidered map/world pillows. I have 2 in blue (and I hunted them down for over a year at two different Ikeas).2. We love these graters. We actually had the previous series, which came in blue, but couldn't resist the 2 pack. The containers have lids for storage too!3. This duvet cover set was actually more of whim, but I love it! It's soft and almost satin-y. And super cute!

4. I'm counting these next two as one...since Ikea has fabulous fabric. I used some of the fabric on the bottom to line the doors of an Ikea "Billy" Bookcase. One of the ones in the top pile I used to reupholster a vintage/thrifted bench. (Which I wish I had before pictures of).

5. Finally, this lamp is nice by itself, but I did my own "Ikea Hack" to it by gluing old mix tapes to the sides, so now it looks like this:

For my tutorial on this lamp project click HERE.
Create a great day,
XO, Bekki

(All photos except the last two are from Ikea's website: source).